About The Forum

The Forum in 2018

The Construction Industry Forum (CIF) acts as an important point of contact between the States of Guernsey and the professional bodies, contractors, developers and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Most importantly, we deliver a united voice from the industry to the island’s government.

In 2016 the forum underwent something of a transition due to necessary changes in funding and membership arrangements. With no less than six Chartered Bodies having representation on the executive council the forum can truly say it has led by example. Reform to the constitution and the membership offer have followed swiftly in the first year.

CIF is arguably fitter for purpose than ever before with a working executive and a number of sub-committees with focus on important matters such as political representation, education, States procurement, CPD and enhancing the industry’s reputation.

Eric Legg.jpg

Our History

The first meeting of the Construction Industry Forum took place on 15th July 2002. It was a joint initiative between the States of Guernsey’s then Board of Industry and Advisory & Finance Committee’s Construction Strategy Steering Group.

There were great challenges facing the island in the construction and capital-spending boom at that time and the States of Guernsey wished to create a forward-looking partnership with the industry as the States sought to respond to the known capital spending boom.

Eric Legg, a recently retired bank manager, was recommended as an independent chairperson and was wholeheartedly accepted by those present at this very first meeting. Eric went on to serve the Forum up until late 2016 clocking up more than 14 years at the helm. Eric received a lifetime achievement award at the 2016 Construction Industry Awards in recognition of his work as the forum chairman.

During these now 15 years, CIF has raised, represented and lobbied on many industry-specific matters and has proven to be the go-to resource for professional and considered opinion on a whole range of industry matters.

With successes such as improving payment and tendering processes, raising issues on availability of land for industry and housing licensing reform amongst many of the items and subjects tackled during its lifespan, the CIF without doubt has proven to be an important friend for the construction industry at all levels.

In November 2019 at a General Meeting it was agreed that CIF would merge with Chamber of Commerce Construction Industry Group for an intial period of two years, all future works of CIF will occur as part of that group and it is the intention to, subject to a positive merger, amalgamate all future work of CIF under the new arrangement. All exuctive members have transferred to the new group with immediate effect.

Read the updated Construction Industry Forum constitution here.

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